Just when you thought the mullet was gone, it disguised itself as clothing.  This is the ultimate in “business in the front, party in the back”


Lump Sum Payments

Lorelei:  Daddy, I think the tooth fairy should just pay me for all of my teeth now.

David:  Oh yeah?

Lorelei:  Yes.  And I think you might be the tooth fairy so you can just pay me.

New Quilt

I finally finished this baby quilt for a neighbor last night.  Today it came out of the dryer and Eli snatched it up immediately.


It’s so cute how excited he gets by quilts.  Every time I try to lay a new one out to baste or photograph he lays down on top of it.  You can see more pictures of this quilt here.

Daddy’s Mac & Cheese Extravaganza

So, being Mr. Mom has been quite the adjustment for me.  I am constantly being reminded that Mom’s are so great and this world would not function if it wasn’t for them.  Every Mom has my utmost respect.  With that being said, let me take you on a little journey of my first month being Mr. Mom.

When Jandi and I first talked about me staying home with the kids, I thought, “Finally, I get a break!”.  Boy was I wrong!  After making sure the house is in order, kids are fed, kids are washed, and taking care of all their mini drama’s, who has time for anything else?  It’s a shame this job doesn’t pay more!

Little Eli sure has broke me in the most.  His new thing is taking off his diaper when he is in bed and peeing everywhere!  After the umpteenth time, I think I got it under control.  (I’m a little on the slow side as far as learning my lessons go).

Lorelei has been a trooper and I envy how great she is.  She has changed schools during all of this and she is now going to a Charter School which will be great for her.  I have to help her with homework and I am learning that daddy can be a frustrating dude.  She is being challenged and excelling.  She won third place in Friday’s art contest!  She really is a great artist.

Now, last night I made dinner.  I’ve been cooking dinner the entire time I’ve been doing the Mr. Mom thing, but usually Jandi helps me decide or she starts it, or something.  Anyway, last night was all me baby!  I know what you’re thinking, but the kids loved it and didn’t get food poisoning in any way.  I made “Daddy’s Mac & Cheese Extravaganza”.  It’s truly a dish that shows off my poor background and is something Jandi would hate, but that’s her loss, not ours.

I took a package of mac & cheese, added some canned meat, peas, tomato’s, and green onions.  Viola!  Dinner!

Eli had 3 bowls which is amazing for him and Lorelei said we should have this all the time, especially when Mommy is home.  LOL!  I am a culinary master!

Well, hopefully I can do this for a little while longer.  Wish me luck!

So much you’ve been missing out on!


She’s getting good.

If it wasn’t for that whole labor/birth thing I might wonder whether or not Lorelei was really my daughter.  She manages to run AND kick the ball and hardly ever trips over her own feet.  She obviously doesn’t get that from me.  It must be David’s coordination shining through.  She had her soccer game tonight (she’s on the orange team this season) and they did wonderfully.  It was the first game that they lost (a nice change from last season) but they still did better than ever.  The kids are actually trying to pass to each other and make an effort to block other players when the other team has control of the ball.  Fun game tonight and not so hot…always a good thing.

Lorelei is sewing!

Lorelei did her first sewing project today!  You can read about it and see pictures here.